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Fiverr charge backs


Fiverr chargeback is a means of hurting fiverr sellers. An unexpected debt in the account that occurs sometimes even after delivering quality. Some buyers uses this process to create fraud and cheat on sellers. Is there anyway to counter Fiverr chargebacks?


Fortunately, Fiverr bans buyers who use Paypal chargebacks.

This doesn’t help in the moment, but gives me at least a little peace of mind.

You can try to contact for their help, though I can’t promise they will be able to reimburse you. It is helpful to include all relevant information for the order and proof of delivery.

I’m sorry this happened to you. Try to keep a level head and roll with it.


Thank you joshcates…I will see to that


Thank you joshcates…I will see to that because it is becoming a common experience


Fiverr bans the buyer… the buyer creates a new account :slight_smile:


I don’t think its too difficult to create new Fiverr accounts. But hooking up to new paypal accounts may be a bit harder though probably not impossible.


there’s no need for that , a buyer can pay with a credit card


you mean someone else’s credit card?


his own :slight_smile: used on multiple accounts … believe it or not , it works


I doubt a credit card would work. I have tried paying for a service using my credit card, I was debited twice but I didn’t get the service. Maybe a debit card might work, I’ve not tried that anyway.


And again, a credit card cannot perform a PayPal chargeback.


This is risk of doing business. Happened to me a few times, terrible feeling, especially if it’s a $200 order.
Fiverr alienates sellers with this behavior, I do not feel safe, I do not feel protected.


Mine was a $350 order after two months of completion


Oh no, It’s sad to hear that! I am sorry!