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Fiverr charged me yet did not process my message for this gig

I am extremely frustrated, I was purchasing a gig 2 days ago as of writing this (the gig cost me $71.30), anyway it deducted the amount out of my bank account yet it didn’t send the message to the person who was doing the gig! I was on the payment page and i clicked the green proceed button, the page was loading for two minutes so i went to refresh the page, it didn’t proceed to the next page (the requirements page) and it was asking me to what method of payment i would like to pay with! I am so frustrated and unhappy about this! I demand a refund! I have already posted two inquires about this to the help and support section but i have not recieved a response yet.

I want a refund.

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I’m sorry that you are in this situation. Have you had a response from the Help and Support desk yet?

There is little that people can do here as this is a community based forum and Fiverr tend not to be active here.

Did you try to contact seller directly to his inbox from whom you were purchasing that gig?
Did he got that order? may be still to start count down but order yet activated at his end ?

if you click on orders, and view all orders, the “missing details” tab should be automatically selected and you should be able to fill out the requirements from there

if the gig has started but the requirements field is blank, i would throw the seller the requirements via a message instead, a bit lively since the clock would be ticking

if the order doesn’t exist then i would contact the seller and ask if they know whats going on

in fairness i believe support have a covid induced backlog right now, but if all else fails and fiverr don’t get back to you at all maybe you can cancel the payment? that would be a chargeback, but if there’s no gig but you’re being charged anyway and fiverr are being less then cooperative, what else is there?

i believe a glitch like this happened to me once, but i was able to click on ‘orders’ and fill out the requirements from there. i hope you’re able to get this sorted, but i’m pretty sure you’ll get your service or your 71 bambis one way or another

Hi there :slight_smile:
no i have not recieved a reply yet, i have sent 3 messages to their help desk and 1 of them is a threat of me suing if i do not recieve a refund lol.

Hi there
No there is absolutely no indication on fiverr that i placed an order for the gig (that i already purchased!), no history of me purchasing the gig, only that when i checked my bank account the exact amount that i purchased the gig for was deducted from my bank account!
what the hell! i am very frustrated.

Hi there!
thank you for the information and the willingness to provide an answer :slight_smile:
So yes i already tried what you said and no order is said to have been placed.

Take screenshot of your bank payment and attach them as proof to custom support.

I’m sure that will go down well in the office :joy:

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lol, well they need to get back to me this is a serious issue.
Fiverr essentially just stole my money from this.

Will do, thanks for bringing that bit to my attention :slight_smile:

Dear everyone, this issue has been solved :slight_smile:


What was the solution?

I think the payment system returned an erroneous transaction

hahahah absolutely amazing … Anyways jokes apart, the response rate of CS is slow nowadays due to corona you will get the reply soon I Wish .

Though what do you think wasn’t that actually the communication fault which is indicated by you saying that the page wasn’t loading :thinking: