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Fiverr charged my credit card twice

I order a gig worth US$100 but it didn’t bring me to the order page. So I tried with another card and still the same. But to my surprise, I received notification which indicate that both of my card balance has been deducted. I’m so disappointed right now. So I literally paid US$210 for nothing. I try to find a way to contact the support team but they’re literally non-existence. Like for real, I need to send a ticket? I can’t believe this is happening to me. I bought a lot of gigs in Fiverr and this is the first time I have such issue. Is there anyone here that can connect me with them? It’s really leave a bitter taste for me as a buyer.

Plz Contact CS. They might fix this Isuue

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Already emailed them, hopefully it will be resolved soon.

I have similar issue, i order using $12 and that money cut from my balance but shows pending. Before that i try PayPal but did not work. Yesterday i ask for help to CS but still waiting reply from them.

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You talk to support and they will solve it.

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Maybe there’s something wrong on their system, I hope they fix it though. But yes, it’s frustrating