Fiverr charges $1 when you withdraw money


Hi y’all


Does everyone get charged $1 every time they withdraw Fiverr earning to their Paypal account? I thought the whole idea of them taking 20% of the gig was in earnings and fees so why take an extra dollar for each withdrawal?




thats paypal fee and either you are using paypal or payoneer you have to pay 1$ additional to paypal/payoneer and its for all sellers


people withdraws money from all-over the world, and paypal , payoneer , are the mediums to change the money in your currency , so they must charge for it , got it mam? when people earning and getting the huge amount of money in their own currency by paypal or payoneer , then why we will be sad to pay them just 1 $ ? :slight_smile:


If you read Fiverr TOS (, Sellers section, you can take a look at Fiverr’s withdrawal options.

Basicly, here they are:

So my advice is to withdraw money only when you have more than $50.


LOL, Guilty as charged. I skipped through the TOS and here it comes to nibble at my behind :))

Thank you all for the heads up!



Yes, it used to be $1 every time we withdraw. But today surprisingly I got the whole amount transferred from Fiverr to Paypal. Is the Paypal fees removed ?