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Fiverr charges 4$ on 10$ order?


Hello all,

I have just noted That Fiverr is charging 4$ on 10$ gig…! 2$ from a buyer and 2$ from the seller as well.
Did this happen to everyone? Or It could be a bug. Really don’t know!

Thank you for your help.


It looks like is an error. Have you contacted CS ? What did they say? I just checked my new order and I can’t see that fiverr cut $4. My order is $10 just like your order should be…


Something error might happen. Please contact to Customer Suppprt Team and let them know about the issue.


Actually, I did report the Cs but no response yet hopefully will get soon. Anyway, Thanks for help mates…!


It’s really strange :slight_smile: It seemed to bugs


Yes, This is strange. l hope Customer Support Team will define it and will solve the issue…!


This looks like the discount code bug again.
Check this thread to see what it is about and what to do.


I think this is right - $4 in fees for a $10 order is standard. If your buyer doesn’t have (and use) money in their fiverr account then they pay a fee to order and you are charged 20% for your fee. This adds up to the $4.