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Fiverr charges on your gig extras, too?

I know that Fiverr charges $1 for your $5 gig so you get $4 back. But I didn’t realize they charge $1 for every $5 WITHIN that gig. Like for example, I have a $5 gig, +5 for fast deliver, +5 for something extra, +5 Tip. So instead of getting 20, I’m only getting $16.

Is this right? What if I have an extra that costs +10, do I get $9 or $8 out of that?

And how does shipping work? Would they take money out of your shipping, too?

It’s not too bad, really. Think of the costs of marketing. They would probably exceed that cost of 20% that Fiverr takes.

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Reply to @kjblynx: They don’t actually take anything out of your shipping though. Whatever price you set is considered 80% of the total shopping cost. They then add 20% and pass that extra cost on to the buyer. So when the buyer sees $4.00, you get $3.20 (the amount you actually had set) and Fiverr gets $0.80. The buyer is none the wiser. I actually think it is one of their best policies. Imagine if they took 20% of your stated shipping cost. You could end up losing money on every transaction. :slight_smile:

Ah, okay. It’s not that they take an exact $1 from each order/extra, it’s 20%. Gotcha. So if I receive a $100 tip, I’d only get $80 back. :confused:

I’m glad they add on the fee for shipping, but still a little disappointed that the fee is so high. :frowning:

@rowbee - 20% is not high at all.

Never mind the cost of running the site… but look at it this way.

If you had a store you pay rent. Lots of it. The owner of the building doesn’t care if you sell or not. Rent needs to be paid.

There’s also insurance, stock, internet, store maintenance, advertising etc, etc.

Fiverr’s 20% is not bad at all. And the best part is you only have to pay it if you sell something.

Still not liking it? Well… factor that into the cost of your gig. When deciding if a gig is worth doing for 5 bucks, instead ask if it’s worth doing for 4 bucks.

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Reply to @kjblynx: I completely agree. I don’t want to gouge my buyers, but with such little margin I have no choice but charge enough to cover my shipping - and packaging - fees, which ends up costing the buyer more so Fiverr can get their take. And since Fiverr doesn’t take any extra from sellers who “deliver” media or text files, it just doesn’t seem right.

Reply to @kjblynx: Yes, that they add money and charge the buyer is just weird.