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Fiverr Charging 1$ Extra on Each Gig Will Effect Sales?

I just hear that fiverr charging 6$ on each gig, 1$ from buyer and 1$ from Seller.

It was fine till fiverr was charging 1$ per gig from sellers point of view but now fiverr started charging 1$ from Buyer too. The only concern i have regarding this news is a fair of decrease in sale because processing fee is going higher and higher day by day.

Looking for the feedback of other sellers in this matter. Thanks

I do understand your concerns and it’s a tough situation. I don’t care for it personally as a buyer or seller, but looking at it from Fiverr’s POV I understand more. I would not call the increase “day by day.”

Fiverr is growing and as we complain about lacking features or slow Support or broken things, it takes more employees to handle all that. From what I see on their jobs page, they are hiring and those employees have to be paid so we get our needs met as users. Only a fraction of sellers earn enough for commissions to help a lot, since there are many junk gigs that earn little or nothing.

Well you are right at some points :slight_smile:

hmmm in that case it is good for us it is not going to be cost much for bigger orders as i was thinking it is going to be charges on each gig.

They dont even have an arbitrage system they take 20% off our work, anyone can receive the work, start a case with customer support and they get the money back and the work for free, and simply no arbitrage

If that’s true I’m really unhappy.

well that is not about the topic but very valid point.