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Fiverr charging $2 for a $5 gig

As far as i remember they used to charge $1 as a service charge now its $2. Three buyers refused to order they said they wont use fiverr its costly.

Im really sad. it was a nice 1yr and 4 months with fiverr now my sales going down.

This has been discussed extensively in a number of threads.
Regarding your buyers, if they find that your service is not worth $1 increase then you should really up your game and add more value to your gigs.


I wonder where they are going now to get the same service you supplied them for less than $4 from your side for even less.
Definitely try to offer something that customers want for whom $1 more or less isn’t the deal breaker.

I thing $2 is not to much to charge extra ,
if you buyer see out from the Fiver there almost charge $100 plus per jobs …
So why they cannot pay $2 fee on $5 means $7 is per cost instead of $100…

Fiverr is not only freelance service. There are a lot. One of my client mentioned the name i forgot. It was new but i saw a lot of sellers.

I’m well aware that there are other freelance services, but thank you.

I just doubt that there are many though that offer the same big choice of sellers and gigs at such low prices as here, though.

The established ones that do have a lot of sellers and seem legit, don’t seem cheaper to me than Fiverr. And the new ones I keep seeing popping up, usually have either few sellers and don’t look as if they’d become any kind of competition any time soon, or worse… the last new one I saw that had “a lot of sellers” was a straight-out rip of Fiverr, they’d simply copied all the gigs over to their site, without the permission of the sellers, of course. Many of us here found “our” profile and gigs on that site when we checked.
It wasn’t even a good rip either, even their ripping/copy-paste skills suck apparently, as there were lots of errors in profiles and gigs that made it all look really sad. Luckily, for buyers who are observant enough to notice such things, for they probably won’t fall prey to those scams.

Apart from trying to sell gigs in the name of sellers who aren’t on their site with stolen profiles and gig descriptions, so that the results of whatever a buyer would get as delivery most probably is of dubious provenance and quality, I for one wouldn’t even want to give such a site as much as my email, not to talk about my payment info.

Anyhow, if Fiverr now is too costly for your buyer because of the $1 service fee increase, I hope he found a real site and didn’t end up buying on a fake site like that, most people would consider it still better to pay a tiny bit more for a good service than a tiny bit less for a scam.

Try to get away from buyers who won’t order your services anymore because of $1, or try to make them see that price changes are a quite normal thing and that your services are still worth it. Prices change constantly, what are they going to do if the subway tickets get more expensive? Never go anywhere they can’t walk? Not use their phone anymore if their provider adapts prices to inflation but write letters instead… oh wait, stamps cost more all the time as well…

I don’t want to make light of your problem, of course you have a real problem if three buyers refuse to order if those were regular buyers of yours and your sales are going down but it’s not very probable that Fiverr will row back on this price rise, so you need to adapt.

If your sales really depended on just those three buyers, either convince them to stay your customers if you want that (I, personally, would not want them to stay my customers though if they’d not appreciate my services enough to pay that $1 more in fees that aren’t my fault if the only option to convince them was to make up for it out of my own bag by offering now more for the same money I get),
or try finding new customers who aren’t upset about paying $1 more. If you offer something that’s worth that small increase, that should not be too big a problem. Maybe it’s time to re-evaluate your gigs and your own prices even.
Typically, if Fiverr (or your landlord if you’d rent a shop in a mall “in offline business”) increases prices, that would be rather a sign that you need to increase prices too. That’s how business works. Do your buyers use your services only for private purposes? I doubt that, and they certainly rise their prices too sometimes. If not, they are doing something wrong, if yes, I don’t quite understand their complaints.

Try to not think of it as “three buyers refused to order” as well, but as “I refuse to sell my services cheaper because you are cheap” and as “well, three buyers don’t order anymore because of Fiverr’s price increase, but the others still do, I need to find more buyers like that”.

And no, I’m not happy about price increases either, not on Fiverr, not anywhere else, but it’s a fact of life that prices increase for most things and we need to constantly make more to keep up. If you now put away a quite big sum of money “for later”, when you’re old, you won’t be able to buy the same things or services that you could buy for that money now, maybe a bit less, maybe a lot less, but less, either way, because prices do rise. The whole economic system would need to radically change if prices were supposed to stay the same forever.