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Fiverr Chat Need Improvement

i have suggestion for fiverr, i personally love fiverr, it’s good, honest and very exciting platform, only one thing that actually i have an issued. it’s about the chat system.

we know that fiverr doesn’t want we contact our customer outside fiverr ! that’s good , and i have no problem with that. but the problem was the chat system it self. the chat message so poor feature.

  1. we cannot reply spesific chat, i mean look whats app, we can reply at certain chat right. some time we got confuse (me and my client), because i don’t know which one that my client want to reply.

  2. the chat system not automatic reload. to be honest a big system could be have many docs and discussion. when i got reply from my client it only appear on the right bottom , some time they also send me a pic (which is not load in the notification). so to open the message, i must click or reload the chat. it really took a time, especially if my client have slow internet connection. also in android, i open the chat on fiverr, my client reply me, it appear on android notification, but at the chat it self, it did not reload. so i need to close the apps, and click the android notification, and re open fiverr. that was anoying. and bad. could you please make it like whats app or facebook chat. that can do auto reload.

  3. the last but not least, i have chat with my client closely a month, it,s a lot chat, sometime i just want to see the last 10 or even the last one chat. to see that, i must reload and the whole page, and the chat will appear at the very bottom. why not stack it like email. that better. i must do scroll long scroll to see the last pages. and that make will make me took a time to reply.

please give excellent chat feature, because you did not want us do chat outside the system right… Thanks in advance.


You are right. I’m facing the same problem as you. The chat option shows me or giving me a notification that you have a new reply. But I need to refresh the page for seeing the reply. I think Fiverr authority should keep concern on this point.

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I couldn’t agree more. On top of this, I have no idea if I’m being an idiot, but for any given client, it looks like there are 2 or 3 different message threads, so if I click on the Messages button at the top, sometimes it shows their response, sometimes not. Sometimes I have to go to the order and then view the chat in there. This causes me (and clients) huge problems, because we are both missing parts of the conversation.

Why is it not just one simple list of conversations, grouped together, like the tried and tested email system. As there are are no subject headers, the only grouping needs to be by username, and then let me organise them myself. It is a terrible system.


I agree 100% with this. This has been an issue for a long time Chat is a very slow process.

It’s not a “slow process.”

It should be more intuitive, but it’s easy to tell the difference. The order chat thread is connected to your order. The other chat thread is not. There is nothing “slow” here.

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I’m sorry, I wasn’t clear. Yes, the distinction is clear, but I don’t feel a need for the distinction.
What I meant was that the messaging feels slow. I’m just comparing it to other messaging platforms like Facebook messenger or discord. I feel I always have faster conversations there. It’s probably just perception. The main issue is the notifications. If Fiverr took advantage of the ability to show desktop notifications on Chrome, we wouldn’t need to keep the page open to get notified on our computers. Also, if the messaging section was “live” in the sense that the page wouldn’t have to reload to show a new message, that would be helpful.

You don’t have to reload the page to see a new message. It’s live. There must be an issue on your end.

Maybe so. Any way I can diagnose? What’s been happening today is, I’d get a notification on my phone, then I’d know there was a new message and I’d refresh the page to see it. Or I would get the email and that would notify me. sometimes I heard the sound, but the only indication would sometimes be a dot by the word messages.
I would click another chat thread and then go back to the one with the new message to see the new message

If you aren’t accessing it on mobile via the mobile app, use the app.

If I’m on mobile, I use the app, however, the issues I’m mentioning are on the desktop site.

Also, other users in this thread have mentioned that the chat doesn’t update automatically.

Are you using the desktop site on your phone, though? That may be where the issue would be.

It DOES update live on the desktop site if you’re using it on desktop, but that doesn’t necessarily apply if you are using the desktop browser on your phone.

Messaging is live. Maybe you are facing a bug. In that case, we can’t help you and you’ll need to contact support.

No no, I’m using the mobile app on my phone. I always use the app on my phone. Anytime I’ve referred to desktop in this conversation I was referring to the desktop site using my computer

“the issues I’m mentioning are on the desktop site.” What does this mean then?

In any case, there is either an issue with your phone settings or you are facing a bug. Messages are supposed to be live and this shouldn’t be happening.

OK, I found support. They don’t have a section for issues with the desktop page, so I’ll select something else to get through

“the issues I’m mentioning are on the desktop site.” What does this mean then?

I mean that I’m using the computer on and I’m having issues having a smooth experience when messaging. I would have to refresh my page and scroll down to the bottom in order to see a new message. It did pop up a little window with the message preview if I was on the orders page, but when I scrolled to the bottom of the messages, the new message was not there

Agree. There are too much problem :anguished: with the new messaging system. Even the label not work perfectly. It will be great if they also add conversation search option, because sometimes this is impossible to find conversation, for the buyers who is facing similar issue.

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Thanks for all the suggestions.

@damastah @humanissocial I’m using the mobile app and I can confirm that those issues raised are valid and true. Until one refreshes the chat page, new messages do not drop

Thanks. I experienced it yesterday on desktop again as well. Even after clicking the notification on the orders chat page, it would load the chat, but I’d have to refresh to see the new message.

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