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Fiverr Chat system is making me crazy!

Okay, so I’ve been on Fiverr for how long?

2yrs!, yep!, two years, and I’m here to vent about my frustration with the Fiverr’s chat system.

With all the shortcomings of Fiverr’s platform, this actually stands out for me.

There’s no way to actually search for information in the chat, I’m a web developer and this is very crucial for me because most of my clients will just dump information in the chatbox and I’ve to sort them out, or if I wanted to go back to a previous chat.

And please don’t tell me about the order section of Fiverr because most clients barely chat on that page, even if I message them there, they’d rather respond in the chatbox and this makes it so hard to actually filter and find information that I’m looking for, look at skype for example, or even whatsap, You can literally search in the chat and get what you’re looking for.

So, yes, it’d be great if Fiverr could include this feature or maybe give us an option to have it enabled/disabled on our accounts.

Thanks for attending my Fiverr-frustrations/Venting Ted talk

I’m done venting…


That would be really useful …


I would be happy if my messages in chats were in order. When I type a message and send it I don’t see it. I have to scroll up past several lines to see it.


I just wish they could combine all the chats into one. It’s really difficult to try and find something a client said when I have to check the inbox, the current order’s messages, AND any past order’s messages to find the info I’m looking for. That’s THREE (sometimes MORE) DIFFERENT chat threads! Can’t we just get all messages in ONE place in chronological order?


Just use strg+f? This works for me

I wish Fiverr could do this


Please, what is strg+f?

He means ctrl+f for search

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On the chat, press ctrl+f, then type on the keyword you will be re-directed to that information

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@phoenixideas Nice Idea… Really it will be very usefull for us…

And @kilianotte " ctrl + f " is only works on visible area.


I agree. Fiverr really needs project management tools. I do find what I need with command F, though. But that.only helps if you know what keyword to look for.


Exactly!, only visible areas get to be captured, it means you’ve to scroll up and up

Yes, project management tools are important

No it doesn’t. I always search chat like this, it works on Fiverr.

you are wrong… It’s work only while visible in the page and also without ajax…
You can’t see any previous massages without scroll up…

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