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Fiverr cheated me

Hello Sellers/buyers

I’m a seller on Fiverr since 2015, i have repeating buyers, Level 2 seller with mostly positive reviews. (95%+)

Last week, i got three emails from Fiverr, saying my Level rank 2 is removed, Another email saying my Gig is removed, Third email saying my account is Disabled.

I tried to login, it says account disabled.

I contact support, this what they say

“users are limited to one active account. Mass account creation may result in disabling of all related accounts.”

Of course i have only one account since 2015, and i find how it’s stupid to use multi accounts when i have repeating buyers to my known account.

Also they said:

If you have funds available in your Fiverr account, please contact us 90 days later.”

what this means?
I should remember this case on 2018 to claim my funds, this is bullshit, im not going to beg my money for quart of year.


Always withdraw your money, Do not keep funds with Fiverr, they can decide to ban you - for NO reason - and you should beg your money the next three months.

Fiverr is not your safe wallet to keep money with them.

This is disappointed, and i find Fiverr cheated me (or stolen my funds) this stupid way.

I do not care about the money lost, i work on Fiverr as a hobby - as i work on Bitcoin Mining basically.

in result i decide to pay freelancers to write my experience on different blogs about Fiverr.

I touch Fiverr has lost a lot of buyers last year, and today it’s going to lose more Sellers as well.


Maybe it was a mistake? Try contacting customer support again and explaining that you have one account and to please look into it? We wish you luck

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I spent 3 days contacting them.

Every time they repeat same message.

I find they do not read what i say.

I have no more time to waste with them, i have other works to do else Fiverr.

their second reply was Exactly the same of first. they just Bolded some words in second reply.

I asked them for explaining, if the problem is about my Gig or what.

They gave no explaining, then they stopped reply after 3 days.

I have hundreds dollars by Mining bitcoins, and i promise them to blog my Experience on many blogs by freelancers.

But i have curiosity, Why they do that, i find they lose buyers this way, because i had repeating buyers, so they damage their market.

I come across posts like this every now and then, things like "My account was disabled for no reason etc."
Usually in most cases the sellers were violating the TOS without knowing, or there was some kind of a misunderstanding, and the seller would try to explain and ask questions about the situation, and in the end the problem is solved.

Not sure what is going on in this case, but I do get the feeling you sent way too many messages perhaps, maybe you can try waiting for a few more days and then contact them again (and be sure to sound calm and polite) ?

Assuming that you do indeed have only one account and this is just a mistake,
posts like these do sometimes worry me…makes me wonder if this can happen to me! :fearful:


Try asking for Susan or Sean they seem to be the nicest and more helpful people on the Fiverr Support Team in my experience


I believe there is misunderstanding, but their support does not read my message and they no longer reply.

I have asked them for explaining and why this happens, they said:

“We are not able to share information due to Privacy Policy.”

im very confused.

I have talked with Mr. Michael, i do not know how to reach Susan or Sean.

You can just ask for them in your request at the very top and they might be able to respond

Thanks for your help.

I was working on Fiverr as a hobby.

I lost that passion after this, so i no longer interesting to work with them.

I do not want to spend more time trying with their stupid support, hopefully they reach this topic and realize the problem, check their strategy and how they’re going to break their market, this problem touches both Buyers and Sellers.

Finally, i advice everyone to avoid keeping high amount of funds in Fiverr account balance, i guess this was my fault.

having a good luck for every body.

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What happened dear ?

Read the above thread where they explain their situation


OK, I could have just kept my mouth shut…( well, not move my fingers and type this to be exact, but you know what I mean)…but I have to say this.
It’s CLEARLY written up there what this seller’s problem is.
I’m guessing you thought the post was too long to read, and you just saw the title and decided to ask. Or maybe it’s something else, I don’t know.

Just read. READ. READ!!!
Dang, I dunno why I’m getting so upset about this. :thinking:


Gio is always super helpful as well.

I hope you get it sorted out :slight_smile:

I have never had Gio help me before but next time I will ask

Very sad. I hope they will fix it

When I was a 15 year old teenager I got busted by the police.
Of course I said "I did nothing wrong. You took me to the police station for no reason!"
I always have to think about that when I read amusing posts like this.

They don’t reply anymore because they said everything they had to say. If you don’t understand what they are saying, try an online dictionary. A year has 365 days, so the 90 days wait are still in 2017 and you will not have to wait ‘for years’ until it’s 2018 :joy:


I do hope you get resolution to fix the problem, There are prior posts about files being copied, yes by competition the only thing that makes sense is that @samuicandel was informed

@samuicandel said

" How would you rate our Support? "

this what i got today.

as i said, Fiverr support does not read what i say, and they give no explaining, because they are wrong - probably they know this.

all they need is Steal my money, Waste my work and time, End my passion to work more on Fiverr.

this is very disappointed, Fiverr is moving toward the pit.

this explains why Sales are much less than past years.

if they continue this way, Fiverr is going to dry more.

good luck anyway. - who still has stamina and passion to work.