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Fiverr Choice Badge on fiverr

Hello everyone how we can get Fiverr’s Choice badge what is criteria for that ?


I also want to know t about fiverr’s choice badge

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You need a gig that stands out above the rest for excellence, and it might be chosen by the editors of fiverr to get that. It only lasted a week when one of my gigs got it.

The gig I had never had a bad review and had over 1,000 positive reviews.


it is not easy to easy to get one as you get chosen by Fiverr to be Fiverr’s choice.

My one lasted for about the 2 weeks and it was the best time for me…

P.S. it is not easy to hold it. One mistake and it is Gone


oh I understand this is very high standard to gain this badge

haha you are right it’s hard to maintain that position

best of luck buddy hope you get soon