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Fiverr Choice finally

Good order, Congratulations

congrats dear it’s happened because of your hard work.

wow…great … :star_struck:
congratulations for your achivement & Wish you good luck for your future…

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Welcome to the Fiverr community. :slightly_smiling_face:

You are most welcome to the Fiverr community. :slightly_smiling_face:

Wow! Amazing. Good Luck

congratulations for your achivement

Congratulations, but this is not something you have forever, you will lose it if someone making better sales on their gig and premium package.

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I prefer to keep working and hope everything will getting better.


Yes that’s right, that’s why I want to memorize this and after that I will keep to work as best as I can.
At least one day if I lose it, I can take a look at this post and see that Fiverr ever rewarded me with this badge.

This could be my motivation one day.

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Thank you all for your congratulations.
Hopefully we all can be success in here.

I summarize for all questions how I get it?
The answer is I don’t know and as long as I know, Fiverr Choice, Rising Talent and TRS are hand picked by Fiverr Team.

So I think all we can do is, do the best effort on our side and keep give the best and serve our customer well.
Treat them like a King and one day maybe you will get this.

And like @shubham_anand said, it might not last forever so let’s do our best shot to keep work hard.
When we work hard, customer satisfied, we got income and Fiverr can growth bigger so it can help use to grow our business too.

Just focus in here nothing else and do your best.
Wish you all the best my dear friend.


Happy financing fiverr forum

I am eligible to TRS too, let’s see if they handpicked me or not.

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Thank you and welcome to the community

This feelings is awsome. Keep up the best performance

Congratulation :heart: :heart:

Thanks and I just got my first order with the Fiverr Choice label.
It feels so good, I will keep up my performance hopefully thus can last for a bit longer.

Wish me luck and thank you all.

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Congratulations ! Best of luck

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Wow Wish you good luck