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"FIVERR CHOICE" received on my gig

Hi There,

I have received “Fiverr Choice” But If the buyer order me then I can’t see the “Fiverr Choice” budge. (not for all orders).

Do you know why?



Maybe he find your GIG differently from search results. If he clicks on that you have on screenshot it generates different link to your GIG from the standard one.


If they go through your profile it doesn’t show it but if they go through search it currently does. Though I think I read that Fiverr’s Choice rotates so maybe it wasn’t displayed on it/in the search if the buyer clicked on it through that for one of the orders.

And maybe whether it gets shown on the gig depends on their specified budget
eg. they said in their Q2 letter:

The upgrade of Fiverr’s Choice to
provide recommendations in different
price buckets adds a personal touch to
the buyer experience, allowing buyers
with different budget requirements to
convert better.

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Yes may be you are right

First of all please activate Window.
Secondly it doesn’t really matter if the badge shows to the loyal buyers that had already chosen you, does it?

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