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Fiverr Claim in my inbox

Just had this drop into my in box

Dear johnvarker,

Congratulations! We have see your success on our Fiverr site and happy to inform you have been selected to our Fiverr Giveaway Claim program.

You can claim your free bonus $50 here,


Once you have complete this step your reward price will be added to your account balance.

Richard P.
Manager of Fiverr Community.

Anybody seen this ot is it as I’m thinking, a scam?

Never mind, its a scam as I thought

It’s a 100% scam. Please don’t click on the link as it can hack your account. Fiverr encourages its users to let them whenever such offer has sent to their user email.


First, it doesn’t work like this. Second, its a shortened URL so its not real. Report the user so he’s suspended. Good work sharing it here.

It does not make sense, reward for success on Fiverr.