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Fiverr Clients Feedback!


Hi all. Recently i have delivered few orders but clients never really gave any feedback. I know it automatically get marked after 3 days but does this actually effect your Gig popularity?
Are you guys facing the same issues because i don’t know how it goes with others.


I’ve never asked for feedback and I would say I receive it around 60% of the time. Ask your buyer nicely if they wouldn’t mind leaving some feedback so that others can see how good your service is.

I don’t think it affects the fiverr algorithms but feedback helps people to buy with confidence.


Just keep Trying Provide Good Service ,They will leave feedback for sure


I Also never asked really. My first 140 sales got every single feedback but recently only half of the clients actually write any feedback. Most of them are super happy with what i deliver to them.


I’d say this is pretty normal. Some people don’t even think about it and they certainly don’t think that leaving feedback might help your profile.
I don’t ask for feedback and never will, I think if the buyer wants to leave feedback they will leave it without being asked :slight_smile:
There are also situations when they don’t know how to leave feedback but they are happy with what they received.


No feedback is better than negative feedback!

Reviews are great because they attract others to your gig. However, asking for reviews can be seen as dishonest in some circles. Some buyers order and forget about it. Others order and use it elsewhere (called outsourcing) and don’t leave reviews for this reason. For example, a client of mine purchased many phone recordings but never left a review – they didn’t want to review me because they didn’t want others to know they outsourced the material on Fiverr and thus expanded their profit margins!

I’ve read that the it’s rather typical for 50-60% of buyers to review, but most don’t. You can mention the review in your delivery, but do so subtly. Don’t ask for a review, just state something like "If you believe my delivery is not 5 star material, please tell me so I can revise it for you."
In this way, you mention “5 stars” without asking for a review. I caution that others may see this as a way to get free revisions – don’t jump and dance for bad buyers who exploit your desire for positive reviews!


Thank you everyone.
it was new for me that’s why i shared this post to know if this is normal. Seems like it’s normal to not get feedback. Thank you for the advice people :slight_smile: Have a great weekend.


Slightly. I tend to nudge my buyers to give me feedback - not in a rude or pushy way, but if you don’t get any reviews, especially good ones, then you won’t rise up in ranks.


I have about 76% feedback rate and what seems to work in my case is open communication. For starters, when a buyer purchases my gig I reply with a personalized thank you message. I don’t use any of those Fiverr templates.
Secondly, once I deliver my order I let them know that if they have any questions or concerns they should message me.(Again, no templates and “Here you go” doesn’t cut it)
Finally, if a buyer has replied to my messages before, but for some reason has not accepted my delivered order then I message them before their order gets automatically completed. I just send them a message saying that order will be completed in a couple of days and if they need a revision then they should contact me before that. Although this only works if you are 100% confident in the quality of your work. Otherwise, you’ll be pretty much begging for a revision.

Of course, this doesn’t always work, especially when dealing with resellers who are too busy to reply. Plus, there’s always a chance that it might backfire because there are people who will take an advantage of you if you’re too friendly. However, I won’t let few scammers ruin the way I treat my clients.


It is normal to not get a review much of the time. Don’t worry about reviews at all and you will be much happier— that’s my advise.


I used to face that problem until it dawned on me that the simple problem could be something I personally like to refer to as INCOMPLETE CUSTOMER SERVICE. So whenever I deliver a gig with the respective instructions and all, I ask the client to check the attached .txt file for “further instructions” about the delivery. Now when they download and open the file they read something like this

"Once again I will like to thank you for believing in me enough to order my gig. Now I will like you to thoroughly go through your phone and make sure it is really unlocked and everything is going on smoothly. Once you have assessed, verified and confirmed that your phone is indeed unlocked, I’d really appreciate if you give me a rating and comment on Fiverr. It’s really important for my business :slight_smile:

Yours sincerely,

Tell me, if you were the buyer and you read something like this, won’t you give a review?


Indeed. i think some of my clients were busy. They return after 10 days and start giving me feedbacks :slight_smile:


indeed. That’s what i was thinking. Lucky some of my Good clients came back in last two days and gave me feedbacks.