Fiverr-clone sites stealing our gigs?


Hey everyone - PuppetGrams here! Have you guys been encountering people buying your gigs to RE-SELL on other sites? This has happened to me a few times, and I’m not quite sure how we should be dealing with it.

Here’s a good example:


If you’ve come across this, what have you done about it?

Sheriffs note: Thank you for bringing this to our attention, I will pass this to one of the board admins


If you look at it from one perspective, you can see that this is purely a business, however, the practice is bad considering they are first stealing the gig information and also using the content of the sellers to get the buyers for themselves. I don’t mind a guy stealing from me and then ordering from me to complete his sales goals. He can charge more than me, as long as he keeps me alive in business. Outright selling is just not right in my opinion, people without integrity in life do that all the time. Parasites. :confused:


Its quite common. Infact many freelancers get awarded job on other freelancing site for generally 600-700 USD and they just outsource it here for say 250-300 USD.

I once found my gig on another fiverr clone and it was offered there for $30, I recognized the username as he was a frequent buyer here. I decided to increase the minimum number of gig per order to 5 and noticed the price go up on the other site as well. =))


So? It’s called economy… The whole internet money scene was flooded with “fiver reselling” ebooks a while back. And honestly? It only brings you more sales! Think about it…


It’s pretty much against the fiverr TOS though, isn’t it?


You’ve made a decision to wholesale, enjoy the money.


I prefer to know about it if possible.