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Fiverr Clones: Why They're Just A Waste of Time?

Due to the success of Fiverr, there have been hundreds of wannabe internet marketers who saw an opportunity to capitalized on its success, so they created or bought a fiverr clone script and opened up shop. While the platform/concept is similiar, there is a big difference in the two.

In the beginning, I noticed quite a few fiverr gigs that offered to set up gigs on similiar sites. The nerve of them! Since then, Fiverr has cracked down on sellers offering anything that’s fiverr clone related.

I know a few people mentioned that they set up gigs on a few of these sites and never made a dime.

And here’s why…

Most Fiverr Clones aren’t successful because they don’t have a significant advertising budget, investors, traffic, or a real staff/customer support.

So in other words, don’t expect to make much or any money at all from these copycat websites.


In other words they take the money and run… fast… towards the exit and that money includes anything you may have earned as well. Wile e coyote would have a hard time keeping up with some of these people they are gone so quick.

Before anyone thinks about using one of these mickey mouse clone sites consider this one simple question.

Why is it that the owners of clone sites come to fiverr to try to promote their own sites… just think about that.

Reply to @markp: Lol. Right! Good question!

I never had any success on the Fiverr clones, but I made 3 sales on my first day on the real Fiverr. Now I’ve made over 400 sales and it’s been less than 2 months! :smiley:

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Reply to @cassysailermoon: Awesome. Congratulations!

Think of it this way. Fiverr is our gig based financial vehicle. Would you want to get some “kit car” showing the exterior of your financial vehicle but without an engine?

Of course not.

It’s like when the “Nova” was marketed in Latin America and the car makers learned that “No Va” means “Doesn’t go” in Spanish :slight_smile:

I think it’s also important to note to check them out, I was reading and article the other days on Fiverr alternative was doing some research and found @kymmypops photo on one of the gigs (from Fiverr). By the (masculine) user name, I don’t think that was her account. Be proactive about your samples/portfolio don’t let anyone steal your work it’s copyright!

Very true.

I own and run a Fivverr type site and we are faster then fiverr on customer support, our fees are 1/2 of that of Fiverrs (10 %) and we have great traffic? Fiverrs nice but not the only fish in the Sea.

I tried a horrible clone a while back. Not linking to any specific site… but it ends in “bucks”. lol

Anyhow. I figured what would be the harm in trying it so me and my wife signed up.

I sold a few gigs. Very few, but I did sell some over about 6 weeks.

Here’s the thing. Finally, after around a month and a half I made a withdraw request. The next thing I knew, I went my IP was banned from the site. After numerous un-answered messages I finally got a response. It was “Because my wife opened an account as well as me”. she’d purchased 3-4 gigs from around the site. No issues. Then, when I went to withdraw it was a huge deal and, like I said. My IP got banned.

Even after several messages I never got the money I earned. They kept saying it was returned to the buyers I had sold the gigs to. Why would they do that? The gigs were delivered and I had perfect feedback? The truth is that they didn’t return anything. They just took my money when I went to withdraw and ran.

So I’d be careful when dealing with clones. Not only do they simply not have the traffic Fiverr has… not even a fraction of it… most simply want your cash and then when you try to take your cut… good luck.

My two cents.

I think freelance work is great but why even bother with doing the same thing on other sites. If you ever so choose to expand your horizons get into stock media, apply for a real position at an online businesses, start a channel producing content, get into the stock market. Why would anyone just want to do the same thing on another site when the internet is so vast. Its like going to a buffet and only eating fries :stuck_out_tongue:

Reply to @bigbadbilly: ridiculous! What explanation did they give the buyers? Here’s ALL of your money back because the seller’s wife opened an account too. We refuse to accept money from someone whose wife also has an account and buys from it. Like I said, ridiculous!

@cheezees. That’s kind of the point. LOL. They never refunded anything. They just kept all the sales. And why not? The buyer got what they paid for.

And how do I know the buyers were not refunded to start with? Because I post my gigs on Facebook sometimes. And my first sale was from a friend. They never refunded anything. Just took the money. No big deal. They got me for 11 gigs. In the end, it was their loss. They lost all my potential future sales.

I don’t why you guys are wasting time to open a topic to say “fiverr clone is waste time”. Writing a article to talk about this topic is wasting time.

Every time when you talk about these things are just send a information to public:

–Fiverr is hot, fiverr earned lot.

If fiverr not hot, no one would clone it. People clone it means fiverr is so popular. They are helping fiverr developing the market.

Actually I do believe the clone website are increasing the fiverr potential value, because most of the clone scripts are lousy, and short man power to do support. They finally drive the users go fiverr.

Reply to @mrrbooks: It’s a waste of time to come complaining on someone else’s topic. It’s my opinion/post, why concern yourself with what someone else writes. You are free to keep scrolling. Everyone is entitled to voice their opinion…it’s a FORUM for Pete’s sake!

i seen gigbux site i then did research and found so much scam reports , i contacted the admin saying what safty and guarantees do i have i wil not be scammed they say they are new owner ship and the domain i seen its 4 years old now , i told admin of gigbux u play games i will take your site offline permanent this left him scratching his head xD

I also searched for some fiverr clones and always looked for the que of orders on the first gig in the home page. Most of the time it is 0 so what about the other gigs on other pages :smiley: total waste of time really

Just like I’m on Facebook and not Hi5, I’m on Fiverr and not the clones. You gotta go with the best, the clones don’t have the traffic you need to get orders. The clones are sometimes crooks with stupid rules, I’ve also heard horror stories of people not getting their money.

Reply to @anarchofighter: Brazil had a similar issue with the Ford Pinto, which apparently is slang for having a small penis. The rebranded that to Corcel which means horse.

^^Zalmoxe^.50 is not much considering we are using there site. People come to >>Fiverr<< to buy. If you try starting your own see how much time and money is put into what Fiverr has built , just saying, 50 cents is a small price considering. I've never saw a business ,in it, not make money. 50 pennies plus that 1.00 is fair.

FIVERR Rules, Clones Drool…