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Fiverr closed my main account with funds in it


Fiverr closed my account with some funds in it. Not only that but they didn’t give me a reason why my account got closed and are ignoring all my emails. What can i do about this?



You said fiverr close your main account which sounds like you were having more than one account!!


By main account, i meant not on this account. I literally just made it 10 minutes ago.


You must have broken the rules… Maybe you went against fiverr TOS, please check your mail fiverr must have mailed you to explain why your account was disabled


Already have checked, multiple times. I asked for a reason they failed to give me a reason ,so i asked if i could speak with a manager and they agreed but they haven’t got back to me. It’s been a month now.


I don’t understand why fiverr chose not to reply you… Maybe they literally don’t need you anymore… It is not advisable to keep spamming them with messages… Just be calm and wait for their response… You can as well send them a mail reminding them that it’s been over a month now and you are yet to hear from them…
Be aware that Your funds will be released after 90 days…


If Fiverr closed your account you need to ask for permission to open a new account.

You will find all the rules in the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.


Have you ever thought of the reason your account was disabled… Have you for once read through fiverr TOS???


Of course, couldn’t find why.


Nobody on the forum can help you with this as we are just buyers and sellers.

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I understand that, you lot are alot more helpful then fiverr support. I don’t know why you would give up your time to help fiverr, they really don’t deserve it.


What was your old username? What services you were selling? Did you violate any terms of this platform?
By the way, your funds will be available for you to withdrawal after 90 days from the day of account ban. You will then need to contact CS and they will help you in withdrawing the funds.


I don’t wanna give my old username out, sorry. Website developing and business consultation. Nope did not violate any terms.



Well then, we cannot do anything. Try to contact the Fiverr on Twitter. Maybe you are banned because of sharing the personal information with a buyer. It’s a guess because you are a website developer and most of the time you do need the customers email address and other personal information and so that is why automated system triggered something.

And now there are not any chances to get your account back because you did again violate the terms of service by creating the new account.


Can you please attach here screenshots with what fiverr support replied to you so far?

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