Fiverr Community Forum does not load on all browsers i used

When I access all that loads is the top and side menus. Nothing appears in the body of any page. This happens in all four of my web browsers. The attached image shows what every page on the site looks like. Does anyone here know what could be causing this?

If it was only on one browser, I would suggest clearing cookies and cache. If it’s all your browsers, that’s much more unusual. I’ve seen sites do this when you are having trouble viewing an SSL page (the part that makes it start with https instead of http) but I don’t think you can load Fiverr without SSL anymore.

The only other thing I can think of you might try is to look at the site on instead of plain and see if that helps.

If you have a very slow internet connection, a wild guess might be that you just can’t load images and colors at all. That would only be proven if you couldn’t load any graphics-heavy site. That’s about all I can think of, but I’m not an expert on this stuff. Perhaps someone who is will happen on. Otherwise if it’s still happening after rebooting and waiting it out awhile you could try a ticket to Customer Support.

I have already tried this and even reinstalled my Operating System completely but it doing the same problem. I dont know if this is happening only for windows 7 coz it works fine with windows 8 and windows 10.

I have a Windows 8 and a 10 machine and it’s not happening to me either, but I don’t have 7 to test it on. Did you also try the UK site? Other than that, I’d just go with a ticket. You can also try direct URL’s to get to the parts you need and see if it’s just the home page. Try and see if your inbox opens, etc.

I just tried that already and i keep getting the same thing. Its always like this. Please check the attachment. I don’t know what category to put it on when filing a ticket. I already cleared cache and everything. even scanned my entire system for any malware but no signs. i don’t know what to do, my work is affected already because of it.

I saw the attachment and I’ve seen sites do this before. Of the people I’ve seen with this issue all but one have buyer profiles (no gigs) and have no Country listed on their profile. You might check to make sure you aren’t using any kind of proxy server or anything that might cause your location to be missing or incorrect.

As far as a category for the ticket you can use “Report a Bug” and in the other category field it doesn’t matter what you put. The closest one is probably Notifications, but it will get to them no matter what you choose. The thing is, CS is a very small department so you probably won’t hear back for a day or two. I know that makes it tough and I can’t do anything about that, I’m just a seller who does forum support as a volunteer. Hopefully it will resolve itself but try the ticket as well.