Fiverr Community Forum helped me turn idea into multi-million dallor brand name!

Happy as can be with your website. I am not sure if you have a PR department that is interested. But your site helped me turned my idea of a dog toy (bowling ball with a rope) into a multi million dollar brand name in less than a year. I used for everything from Logo, website, Press releases, advertising, graphics design and more. If someone at your company would like to hear my story and use it for adverting I would be happy to help. (site details verified and allowed ~ sheriff)

Tuggo is a award winning water weighted dog toy. The simple yet innovative patent pending design is a hard hollow plastic ball with a rope going through the middle that can be pulled from either side giving it a tug of war effect, but what makes Tuggo special is the recessed screw allowing it to be filled with water. This weight provides the tensions for dogs and allows them to play tug-of-war without dragging the owner across the yard. Dogs and their owners both love Tuggo because it keeps their dog happy and healthy while having fun!

Sheriff’s note: site name allowed to remain for the purposes of this story

I’m glad to hear about your success! Well done! Fiverr really helps everybody. Thanks for coming back to motivate and thank everyone around here. I suggest you contact Fiverr’s Customer Support with your story. A representative would be more than happy to guide and help you out :slight_smile:

Very inspiring story indeed.

Keep on going!

Wonderful!! :slight_smile: