is not working properly


Why fiverr is showing in this way?. Even i changed my broadband IP but still this problem is here.But fiverr forum and even customer support page is showing as before.I can’t Access to my mobile app from my wifi too.But i can sign in if I use Mobile data. What is wrong ?


Clear cookies and cache, then try again or browse from the another browser.


I have done every way.even I installed windows again.but why is this happening? anything you know about broadband connection policy of fiverr? remember I can sign in properly with my mobile data



Kindly clear your browser cache or use another Browser.


i think fiverr should need to hire the new Programmer!


You said well. There are a huge numbers of problems on Fiverr that should be resolved quickly and an experienced and most senior programmer can play a role in this regard.


Old platform was great !
everything was going perfect !

but now… have no words to explain ! …


We don’t need any explanation. :joy::joy:


Still the problem is appearing.I came to know that my friend from another city is using fiverr well But my friends here (We are using Broadband connection from same company.) having the same problem.I can access Fiverr with my mobile data without problem. so i think the problem is with IP or Gateway of the connection.Do I have to change the broadband connection or the broadband provider can fix it?


You could ask your provider and/or you could send Fiverr Customer Support a ticket with screenshots and ask them to pass it on to the tech team, they might be able to tell you more.


It’s your internet speed issue :slight_smile: