Fiverr Forum looking different in mobile


I’m using in my iPad with safari/ chrome browser up until 4 hour ago I got the usual look as a desktop site but it was changes and it is missing many features like available now. Buyer request all the icon above disappeared

Anybody with the same issue?
See attached


Change the browser or refresh again



Just pulled out my iPad, I’ll let you know what I see. :smile:


I’m using chrome or safari they both look the same


Thank you … very much



iPad - Safari browser looks OK on my end. I don’t have the “Available Now” feature but everything looks normal. Checking mobile version.


Do you have the shortcuts for the “community”, “inbox” etc.?


OK, I’m logged in using my :iphone: I don’t see the buyer request or community tab.
Typically, I use my laptop or iPad, so I never noticed the differences. :sweat_smile:


Ok, thanks anyway.
Hopefully it wont stay that way, in my case anyway.


It’s fine don’t worry! Fiverr Upgrading day by day, so keep in touch with update news.


I hope so it’s lack of many features and I didn’t receive any real answer from cs ,
They answer me cheers


Now, I’m seeing this makeover on my iPad.


yes , i contact cs about it .
its a beta makeover


i just saw every icon moves to the most right side