Fiverr Forum service offer (rick dealova / graphic designer)



my name is rick dealova and i work as a graphic design professional over 5 years, and i recommended my friend to work on fiverr because a lot of it takes my skill in graphic design.
and I’ve created services that you might be able to use for business, hobbies and more. and now you can start to hire me.

have fun with my service, because client satisfaction is my happiness…!

select and hire me now :

  1. I will design a creative youtube banner within 24 hours
    Click to see : http://■■■■■■/fiverr-youtube-benner

  1. I will design facebook banner be awesome within 12 hours
    Click to see : http://■■■■■■/fiverr-facebook-benner

  1. I will create a minimalist and simple logo design within 12 hours
    Click to see : http://■■■■■■/fiverr-minimalist-logo

  1. I will anything with photoshop editing within 24 hours
    Click to see : http://■■■■■■/fiverr-editing-photoshop

  1. I will design awesome business card for you within 16 hours
    Click to see : http://■■■■■■/fiverr-business-card

  1. I will trace and convert image or vector to high quality in 2 hours
    Click to see : http://■■■■■■/fiverr-trace-logo

  1. I will design a excellent and awesome social media feeds or post
    Click to see : http://■■■■■■/fiverr-socmed-package


Best Regard,
Rick Dealova / Graphic Designer