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And it’s down again… :roll_eyes:

You can use Fiverr App to deliver your orders. It’s working for me.


Probably because of the new “Early payout” feature ?

Thanks for that - glad it’s not just me! :rofl:


Yeah , Cloudflare issue :thinking:

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This is what made me come here

Seems to be up again now …

Let’s not have any “Making it work” jokes, ok?


It’s working again. :v:

Thank goodness it was only for a few minutes, I literally just finished an order when it went down.

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It’s on and off for about 15 minutes now …

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Also, I couldn’t read the FAQ when it went down, what happens if Fiverr is down and I can’t deliver an order, then it goes late?

App is working as far as I know.

Happened yesterday too for me and now again.

here we go again …


@awesomeyears Refresh the page and see if it works again

I am not sure but it could be. But cool feature though. Very helpful for me. :smile:

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I know it’s back up, I just want to know if the situation happens, what does happen?

Same here !
But then again, Top Rated seller is of no use now that there’s this early payout (provided the fact that buyer mark the order as done) instead of the 7 days pending clearance …

Same I hope coming soon we for good news


It’s official, they’re working on it :slight_smile: