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Fiverr Community Event in Lahore, PAKISTAN #FiverrLahore


Hey Lahore, guess who’s coming to town? Fiverr!!

That’s right. Fiverr is sponsoring a Community Event right here in Lahore, PAKISTAN.

Here’s your chance to meet other Fiverr Sellers & Buyers just like you. Many Top Rated Sellers and professional freelancers will be attending the event. Hear new ideas, share your story and best of all take home some awesome Fiverr swag!

Join me, your host, Top Rated Fiverr Seller, Nauman Saeed (wingle) on Sunday, February 21st from 4-6pm at Zoraiz Hall, Luxus Grand Hotel Lahore.

Food & drinks will be served!

When: Sunday, February 21, 2016 from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM (PKT)
Where: Luxus Grand Hotel - Edgerton Road Lahore, Punjab 54000 PK

You Can RSVP here:
RSVP Registrations will be open on 10th Feb :slight_smile:



I hope there will be a video of this event!


please be sure to film it on a smartphone in portrait mode for at least 55 minutes. It’s like NY all over again! Is anyone from Fiverr HQ attending or is this your bash? How much are the tickets? Why is your link to a generic network page? What do you get out of this? What swag do you get? Breast cancer t-shirts? It makes sense to ship them out to the event instead of waiting 3+ months on the post. Will anyone ask about fiascos or just worship at the alter of $$$? Will anyone who has lost money through a paypal dispute attend and try to get some answers?

No? Is this just a celebration of networking without… blah.


I’m very interested in this event. Does fiverr have an office there? I know that Pakistan and India are the top countries to use fiverr aside from the U.S.


No there is no office of fiverr yet. And there will be a lot of photos and video as well. :slight_smile:


No, there is no one is attending the event. But i think i will get CEO’s video message for this event.

I shared the official fiverr page for community events.
Swag items are currently shipped and will reach to me before the event so that those can be distributed to participants.

Attendees will have the chance to meet other Fiverr Sellers & Buyers. Many Top Rated Sellers and professional freelancers will be attending the event. They can hear new ideas, share their success stories.

There will also be a QA session with TRS.


Hmm, I missed it …


Well then, lets see the photos and videos…


Complete Event Photos are here:


Thanks! Beautiful room! I was expecting more ladies.


The traditional male/female roles are still in place outside of the western world. When I first came to Greece I was always struck by how I never saw Greek women too much. It’s changing here slowly (or I’ve adjusted–I don’t go out too much now lol). Even so, that is a disappointingly low female attendance. But there are plenty of cultural differences going on in the background. Thanks for the pics!


I actually was being sarcastic as I wasn’t expecting to see any and that one in attendance was brave.




Actually there were limited seats for the event as i was bound to do a event under 100 attendees by fiverr first time. So few ladies signup for that process. I have attended a Payoneer event while ago and there were almost equal participation by females which were over 400 in 1000+ gathering.


Sir Can you please tell me when you are make second event?


sir how can i registered myself in lahore event?


Time travel back to Feb 2016?


when will be arranged upcoming event?


No idea I’m afraid, but I’m sure there are ways you could organise one yourself if you wanted? :sunny:


:smile: :smile: :smile: