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Fiverr Community Stories [ARCHIVED]

Meet Morissa Schwartz, aka, feefeertr here on Fiverr. Morissa is a Drew University student from Woodbridge, New Jersey, who is paying her way through college with the money she earns on Fiverr.

As always, we’d love to hear from you. If you or a seller you know has a great story, please share it with us.

Tuition is $42K/year at Drew University. She must be selling A LOT of gigs!!! :))

She needs to post some tips for folks like me (Newbies).

This is a totally awesome piece. Is this video open to being put on blogs and the like? Congratz Morissa.

@dzoeller, she could have other financial support like a grant or scholarship and thus paying the difference.

However, to be sure, I bet she does sell a lot. First, look at her spirit and drive. And second, many of the Fiverr sellers do sell a whole lot!

Google to know that, and I also give money to a Orphanage every month from my earning. And fiver is my only earning source.

Sorry for my English.

That is awesome! I am so excited to continue my work on fiverr!

that is awesome.

I haven’t made a single sale on Fiverr yet. But watching the video of this hard-working, creative girl got me inspired to stay here on Fiverr.