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I’ve recently gotten more involved in the fiverr community and think it’s such an amazing thing for so many people, myself included! I love that there are so many pieces to becoming a successful seller on fiverr. I see social media advise, how to care about your buyers, how to optimize your gig etc. All of it is important. I’ve seen it with my own page. I’ve been on fiverr for 5 years and I’ve grown my ratings over the years and very proud to have 100% positive reviews. I think everything matters when trying to become successful on fiverr. Taking pride in your craft, having top notch customer service, working long hours and making sacrifices, constantly improving your skill set etc. Word of mouth has become such a common source of new direct visitors over the last year or so. People will come to me and say, “I heard you do great work. I really want to work with you”, and so on. This is amazing. Hard work really does pay off when you care about each and every one of your customers. Even the hard to deal with ones. I talk to multiple people every day, and there is always something new. Every now and then, you’ll hit a bump in the road when discussing something, but if you care about your customer, you will work it out! Just thought I’d share how important I believe great customer service is. I believe that in the long run, you benefit as well.

A great, and valuable post. Thank you for sharing! :slight_smile:

I like seeing musicians on Fiverr, you have unique skills and it’s great you can make them pay. I’m not a musician, but I’ve read a little bit about their world, the hours and hours of practice, that gigs that may seem like a lot to the average person but in reality you only get maybe once a week if you’re lucky.

With that said, most of your orders will come from search, so it’s important to use the right key words. Sometimes I like searching them before using them, to see what results they get. For example, mixing and mixcloud doesn’t give you the same results.

Great post, and so true!

A great, and valuable post. Thank you for sharing!

Nice post!

Great customer service is very important. I feel and think little is being done by many companies in this area. To prove this, 81% of companies offering great customer service outperform their competitors (Peppers and Rodgers Group.)

Jerry Gregoire (C.I.O. Dell Computers,) states that ‘The customer experience is the next competitive battle ground.’

Put your customers first. Well said Michael.


Nice post, really valuable for new seller!

A great, and valuable post. Thank you for copying that comment!


I’m very glad you are finding Fiverr great.

But you don’t know how hard it is if you fall from grace. I used to be one of the largest sellers here, earning $2000+ a month and took a vacation for 2 weeks. I still sell a lot mind you.

Back then though (I’m one of the first sellers), late orders resulted in automatic system created negative reviews.

So, my account got stacked with a glorious amount of negative reviews (none by an actual user) and now I work for over 2 years, earn $$$ and still can’t make up the different to even reach level 1.

Do you know how insane it is to be selling the best thing on Fiverr from almost Day 1 when they opened, and not being able to rank anyone?? I’ve helped 100s of businesses reach customers, making them rich, I do the best SEO, all manually, I own over 10Gbps server on 2 continents, and yet someone joining 3 months ago can pass me ahead on rankings and reputation.

The final nail in my coffin was a new policy that prohibits the removal of negative reviews after 45 days. So all those late ordered will stick in my account for the end of time.

Food for thought :wink:

I think we sometimes forget how important keywords are. Thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

Yeah, that is a bummer. I’ve heard of this happening to a few people. I was hopspitalized two years ago and they had to put me to sleep. The second I woke up, I was super confused. First thing I told my fiance, “TURN ON VACATION MODE ON FIVERR!”.

All the best to all sellers on fiverr!