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Hello everyone,

Today I am going to tell you a situation recently happened on me in Fiverr.I Had a Order in September 22 nd and it was completed with 5 star rating.
After 2 days order was cancelled by Fiverr customer support.

Reason- I blocked the buyer because he was so disrespectful and I don’t want to mess with it and I just simply blocked him.

So why? All have to do was to design FB,Youtube,Twitch banners and he was so happy about it and after he completed it and within 10 mins he said files are not working and he started to accusing me.I knew it was lie and i showed how to attach them into those social media sites with screenshot and yet he was still accusing me and in the end I blocked him.

So after order was cancelled by Fiverr team without any email or anything I was so disappointed.I check his social media and I saw he is using my design so perfectly but yet he contacted the CS and cancelled the order.

I took screenshots and contacted the CS and told the entire story and they replied after 14 days that I wasn’t helpful for the buyer after it was completed and the buyer will be under review for using the work from the canceled order, and from what I see the cancelation is not affecting you which is great to hear!.

then again today they sent me a email that you have been compensated in full for this order and buyer will be under review for work that they are using which is not allowed per our policy.

All I have to say no matter what happen with buyer always try to contact the CS.
Sometimes its work and sometime it won’t.

I know when thing like these happened to you as a seller it’s frustrating but don’t give up.
Because when you are right always great things comes to your end.

Happy Selling.


Hey Moditha_damindu,

Kind of the same thing happened to me. Sep 22, 20 a buyer messaged me for 18 banner ads for 20. I thought that this work would be easy for me but the buyer kept asking for the Revisions. I gave him 15 plus revisions. End the He canceled the order and also reported me. My all gigs went down. I lost everything IMPRESSIONS, CLICKS, ORDERS.

I don’t know, Now I am unable to think about what to do now, how can I get everything back :frowning_face: :sob: