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Fiverr competition? Is it a new thing, or am i just seeing it for the first time

Fiverr competition in the music category looks awesome to me, though i cant participate in it.Does Fiverr hold these competitions from time to time.If yes, are they held in any other category?

It’s a new thing - and as far as I’m aware (correct me if I’m wrong here, Fiverr veterans), it’s the first time Fiverr has done something like this.

It’s plausible that they will hold competitions like this in other art-related categories. I could see them doing something with a graphical design contest, or an art contest, or something.

It looks like you do SEO-related Gigs, however, and I doubt that contests will ever be related to that area. In general, these are contests designed to generate buzz for Fiverr, so my best guess is that they’ll always be related to the creative arts.