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Fiverr completed our order while we were waiting for revision

Not sure what to do. We needed a revision on a logo and sent a message to the seller. Before this was done, Fiverr automatically closed the order. Now we have not heard from either Fiverr about this, nor from the seller.

Any suggestions?

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You may have taken too much time to hit the revision button. Because fiverr automatically make orders completed if 3 days have been passed from the delivery date.


it’s an automated process… it’s normal,it’s in the TOS… you can message your seller


As others have said, orders are automatically marked as complete after three days. This is to prevent orders from remaining open forever more.

I would suggest if you have a revision request, politely message the buyer. They might be very happy to assist you.

However, whatever you do, please don’t punish the buyer by leaving negative feedback - it’s not their fault that the order autocompleted.

It’s your responsibility as the seller to check the delivery within a reasonable timeframe.


You have 3 days after the delivery was made to request a revision. Whether the seller is obligated to provide any revisions after that is up to debate and interpretation of CS responses on the matter.

Thanks everyone. I wasn’t clear. We had definitely submitted a request for a revision, and the seller had said he was working on it.

We contacted Fiverr support about 36 hours ago and have not heard back from them.

you may contact with your seller, he/she can redesign this logo without any order

It’s not possible for the order to autocomplete if it’s in revision. The site is set up in a way that prevents it from happening.

It’s either that the revision was sent as a comment on the order’s page or in the inbox, thus having no effect on the order status and allowing it to autocomplete. Or the seller delivered incomplete work to “close” the revision request and mark the order as complete.

In any case, it takes CS up to 10 days to respond to a ticket these days. If you have a confirmation from the seller that they’ve seen your message and are working on it and then stopped responding, you have a good chance to get this resolved in your favor.


Ah. That must’ve been what happened. We replied to a message instead of indicating a revision.