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Fiverr Completion Rate is Beyond My Understanding?

I am tired of Figuring out how the Fiverr’s Completion Rate works. I mean for real. you complete 10 Orders and your Rating stuck at 90% you cancel one order it drops to 89% and then you Complete 10 More Orders and you’re still at 89%, Somebody please help me understand.

Now as per the requirement of Fiverr you Should complete at least 90% of your orders in the past 60 Days

From April 10th - June 9th. I have had a total of 147 Orders. From which i completed 133 and 14 got cancelled.

133 out of 147 Means 90.4%


I mean they only gave us requirements. They should also give us a stats about how many orders we have to complete to get back to 90%.


You can ask CS the list of cancellations they count and compare with the list you have.
You may be surprised!
They are still counting an old cancellation (november 2017) for me. I have discussed with them since february and they are not able to fix this issue!

That is dumb as hell… I mean the evaluation thing is already so tough and now we have to pay for the bugs in the site.

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I have got the same issue as you a few months ago, asked CS to look closely what’s going on because I was stuck on 88-89% for a month. CS fixed it in a day and said that there was some kind of error with it or something like that. After that it jumped back to 95+


Either i am dumb or Fiverr CS is. I mean for real i contacted them and told them…

My total orders 148, Cancelled ones are 14.

now ask any 5th grader to do the maths

I told them my Stats should be 91% or atleast 90% (which currently is 88%)

but they kept insisting that the stats are correct and it has been reviewed by the tech team.

Why is this happening to me?

Can anyone make sense out of it?