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Fiverr completion rate

Hi folks,
I joined Fiverr two months ago and I completed all the requirements to become a level one, I canceled one order and my completion rate was/is 92%, Now I became a level one seller but still my completion rate is 92%. I completed the course of 60 days with 92% but why I’m still seeing it 92 ? Does this rate stays there forever or what happens next to bring back my 100% completion rate


When did you cancel order or accepted cancellation request last time? Was it before November 15th, 2020?

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No, I canceled it three days ago, three days before becoming level one seller

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I see, so it was on +/- January 12th, 2021.

That means you should get back to 100% on March 13th, 2021 in case that there is no more cancelled order during that time.

Thanks, so there’s still hope for me.
wish you all the best.