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Fiverr Completion Rating Dropping With No New Activity

I maintained a 100% rating across the board long term until I was forced to cancel an order–this understandably dropped my rating down to 89% but before too long, it was back up to 100% again. This was maintained for more than 6 months…so at this point, I had one job cancellation over more than a 6 month period. My 100% rating was consistent throughout.

Fast forward to late December, I get a client who buys my wordpress gig and then ends up asking for a lot more than just a simple setup. I mentioned that I also have other gigs that he should purchase for additional services beyond just the setup. He violated TOS several times by asking me for contact outside of Fiverr. I reported this. On the 3rd time (evidently nothing was done about it) and after not being able to get him to cooperate by providing the files I needed to complete his work, I cancelled the job. This made my completion rating drop to 79% and also a few days later, I was notified that I was no longer a level 2 seller. I made a complaint to Fiverr about this severe punishment for cancelling one job in 6 months and then noticed a few days after that, my completion score had dropped to 75%. It sat there for about 2 weeks. Yesterday, it dropped to 50% I have no idea why it continues to drop when there has been no changes in work completed or performed during that time frame. Fiverr continues to cite their evaluation periods and so on to try and validate this but it seems wrong. It seems like they are continuing to punish me for cancelling that one job.

At this point, I have noticed a downturn in my usual work, I don’t have the usual number of leads or potential clients contacting me and I believe it has to do with this rating that seems to be dropping for no apparent reason.

Anyone else experience something like this? Is there a way to step around CS and actually make a complaint to Fiverr about it? I’m lost.

Sorry to hear about the buyer. That should never happen to anyone.

As for your Order Completion Rate continuing to drop, that is not Fiverr punishing you. Your Order Completion Rate is calculated over the course of the last 60 days. So, as time passes, your old orders will become older than 60 days, and hence they will no longer be included in your Order Completion Rate. Thus, you might experience that your Order Completion Rate will decrease even as you receive no new orders.

Try calculating your Order Completion Rate over the last 60 days for yourself to see if it doesn’t add up.


I had one cancelled order and one completed order during the past 60 days which should have already been at 50%…I just completed an order today which should have brought that back up as I have 2 completed orders and one cancelled in the 60 day period…I am sitting at 67% right now since today’s order is completed. Something still doesn’t seem right…and Fiverr keeps giving me the SAME rhetoric that does not add up.

Two out of three orders is 67%.


Fiverr done it AGAIN! Since this original post, my stats have changed AGAIN with no new cancellations in the 60 day period AND I have now been demoted to level one. I keep attempting to contact CS about this to no avail. Shortly after I made this post, my completion rating went back up to 75% (again, no changes, completions or otherwise) since then I have added 2 more on time completions to that list making it 5 now in the last 60 days (according to my stats this morning) Fiverr has continued to downgrade me at a rather fast pace seemingly for no good reason that I can find. On top of this, they are still sucking their 20% off the top of my profits and killing my business at the same time. Go figure.


@vickieSpencer and 3 out of 4 is 75% which is where it should have been and stayed but it keeps changing despite what it actually should be.