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Fiverr Compressing Video Upload Streams!

Hi Fiverr’ss
This is something that really I’m annoyed about as a professional and audiophile.
Why is it when you upload a video - be it a gig video or delivery video Fiverr compresses it to about 2:1 when streaming it. As a voice over if I deliver an MP4 mix with video/music/FX if the client streams a delivery or watches a gig video it’s compressed and sounds like poo. Unless the customer downloads the clip it’s compressed to the quality of a 192kbps or less mp3. I’ve had clients ask for a revision because they think the stream is how it sounds. Now I have to remind them to download the clip before revising anything. Annoying, hopefully when 4k is the norm Fiverr won’t compress that either.


If I had a dollar for every time a buyer watched the video I delivered using the embedded video player and then proceeded to hit the “request a modification” button asking for me to “please make it less blurry”.

How hard would it be for them to add a disclaimer or a reminder that you get the final file in full quality download?


Good It’s not just me. Fiverr must compress/ uncompress delivered files like zip files. This is the only explanation as to why they do this. As the file is on their servers allready, streaming it takes up no extra space. Unless they’re being cheap with shared bandwidth. :hugs: