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Fiverr Connect bug!

Just letting ppl know that if you get locked out of the forum tell customer service you’re experiencing exactly what I did and they should be able to fix it straight away! I spent the last two days trying to get back into forum and customer service couldn’t figure it out either, we went through all the stock options like clearing browser cache, different browsers, devices, etc., but nothing worked, every time I hit Fiverr Connect, it would just refresh the screen I tried logging in from and I couldn’t login into the forum, at this stage I’m waiting for them to tell me exactly what happened, so I can add it to this, to help ppl if they experience it themselves, so probably by tomorrow this time I will have an answer! :slight_smile:
Stay tuned!

OK well I wouldn’t expect an explanation any time soon, it’s been marked as closed and no one is replying, I guess they either accidentally blocked me or it was a gateway error or some other code related issue? :stuck_out_tongue: