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why there is no email to contact fiverr ? i Have an issue with the order Order: #FO117AC349C3

i am not getting an answer and it was mark completed ? though its not yet finish !!! , today the seller apologies for the delay and offered to refund .


@y_alghareeb: Contact your seller or request a modification on the order itself. If you ever need to contact Customer Support, go to and the top right of the page shows “Submit a Request.” This is also located in the Help section of your profile (in the drop down menu next to your profile page), or where it says “Help” at the bottom of the page.


Well, if the seller apologized and offered a refund, then just take the refund and go get it done by another seller. It sounds like for whatever reason the seller is not able to complete the job. THere would not be anything Fiverr could do to force the seller to finish is, and the seller did contact you and replied, they just didn’t offer what you wanted.

This doesn’t always happen, but sometimes it does. Something personal comes up for that person, or something is wrong with the work itself, and they can’t do it, or sometimes a buyer wants unreasonable amounts of changes, many things can have this effect.

What kind of gig did you buy?