Fiverr Contact Support does not work?


I have filled out the resolution form 3 times in last 10 days and no response. Seller agreed to make a toddler game I could put on my website. He continued to ask for more money after he started in order to finish the game. Delivered a product on Mac format when I use Windows. Game supposed to be put on internet but he made a PC game. He gave lied giving me negative feedback and I have nothing to show for my money. There is no response from support. What do I do? I’ve bought many gigs here but now my confidence is shaken.


There’s an issue related to these tickets that may be the cause why some tickets are not getting through. We are working to resolve it. In the meantime, please contact our support team through this link.


ive had the same problem! n am getting mad. ive mad my order… they took my money. I still haven’t received it nor any confirmation about it. I cant find out how to get hold of anyone!!! this site I think is bullshit. you cant find your way around it theres no customer support number. no email. no way to contact the person who offering to make things for us customers! I think some one is taking people for a ride and took out money! what do I do. I wana find a person and talk to them immedatley!


Also, consider this…