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Fiverr convert these regular gig to PRO gig with so many reviews (pic) WHY

Today I found a PRO gig with 250 reviews!
It 99.99% carried over from her regular good selling gig, so this is possible! Is it a new policy?

Here’s the pic:

Another one I found: (3 years ago there’s no PRO )
See the blue star? That’s another PRO gig I found in my category and I’m sure it’s not a PRO gig before, just a regular gig because the seller is using the same gig cover image still.

In case new seller do not know that the PRO policy not allow convert the existing gig to PRO gig, here’s fiverr website say:

I hope this is true for my best selling gig so no need to start all over.
FIVERR should QUALIFY / Certify their own best seller who already on the platform for so long and with good reputation don’t you think?

Isn’t it irony fiverr don’t giving chance to ‘level up’ their own top seller?
So we as a seller who sold more than thousand sales still not as good as someone who just graduated but work for big company so they easily get invited to the PRO league? What kind of logic is this? Guys, we are selling on


Usually it’s not possible to convert an existing gig to a pro gig according to the link below :arrow_down:

But perhaps there are exceptions!?
I find that a bit odd tbh.


Yeah, that’s why I bring out the topic to discuss.

WHY’s that happen? Why some get exception but other aren’t.

It’s happening then, as I foresaw. The worst thing that can be done is here. :frowning_face:

The PRO league should be open to anyone that has shown their excellence in sales in Fiverr environment. Period.


I was also confused that Fiverr PRO came before some months ago but there are reviews that are year old on many Fiverr Pro profiles. But yes normal reviews have been converted into the PRO reviews.

This thing just makes me more sad :frowning:
Years of works mean nothing for them

So what would be the difference between a TRS and a Pro? Of course there are some people who are both, too. But from what I have seen, Pro is often reserved for those who can show proof of extensive professional experience outside of Fiverr and not within Fiverr (for which there is TRS).

This is just my opinion. :man_shrugging:

No, PRO is reserved for high tier services, that is, professional, business grade services. TRS are just sellers that have a high rating and sales. It’s a different concept.

PRO are expected to have a higher price tier, more professional results, aligned with business.

TRS are expected to offer a great customer experience, but that customer can be an individual, not a business. Also TRS have more experience in delivering such services.

What I am saying is that any seller should be able to convert to PRO if they meet specific requirements, like a proven ability to deliver business grade results, and sales/customer support experience.

I think there are TRS and level 2 sellers in Fiverr that can be PRO with total confidence.


I see that a well known and respected seller who writes resumes and has an article on fiverr that mentions she earns over $400,000 a year is only a level two now. She used to be a TRS. I wonder why she isn’t a Pro seller. She has a solid reputation. Maybe she never applied, or maybe she has no credentials off fiverr. Or maybe she has too many negative reviews. She seems like a Pro to me.

She has over 14,000 reviews. It might be in some cases it is just as profitable for certain high quality sellers to remain a level two rather than a Pro. She does a very high volume of sales. Having negative reviews does not hurt some sellers if they have a great reputation.