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Fiverr cookies?

Does anyone know what cookies are needed by fiverr, please?
Every time I log in, an email is sent to me saying that I’m logging in from a different device. So far, I appear to have nearly 100 computers!
This is causing a problem. My mail server now sees these spurious emails as junk and, as a result, is putting all the notifications from my seller, there, too… and I keep missing them.
Any thoughts/advice would be most welcome.


The only thing that I can think of is clearing your browser’s cache files. Usually when the cache gets full, sites start to act funny and when the cache is cleared the start acting normally.

Thank you very much for your response.
I use CCleaner Pro and delete all cookies, etc., each time I close my browser.
I’ve isolated and kept “” but that doesn’t seem enough.
Thanks again.

That may be the problem, lack of cookies. Fiverr puts 3 to 5 cookies on our devices, so it’s good to leave them in place.


Thank you misscrystal.
Yes, it’s a cookie thing.
That’s why I’d like fiverr to tell me which cookies it uses so that I can isolate them and make sure they don’t get wiped. I’ve kept the obvious one “” but that doesn’t appear to be enough.
Thanks again.

Hi @barryalexandar, are you often change your computer to login to your fiverr account? Because fiverr tracks your activities by saving some cookies in your computer and strictly asked you to don’t delete it. If you are using CCleaner you must keep save your fiverr website cookies remaining. And the best way is to use a single computer and phone for working on fiverr.

Got it!!!
There are three that are needed…


(I have to send three messages as, because I’m a new user, I’m forbidden to put more than one link)

And finally…

Thank you for your reply, mohdaamiraziz.
I use only one computer.
However, I delete all cookies after a work session.
Anyway, thanks to all the encouragement, I now know there are three cookies to keep.
All is fine!