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Fiverr Copycat Copying Our Gigs?

Hi everyone,

Has anyone heard of the website Uniscanner Market (I’m hoping it’s okay to share the name if I don’t give a link)? I was doing a quick Google search of my gig description to see if there were any copycats, and a page came up on this website that’s clearly a copy of my gig. I know I can’t post any links, but it’s basically pictures of my gig under the username mhwoolza (my Fiverr username is mhwoolz). Rather than charging $5, they’re charging $15. I feel uncomfortable with the fact that my picture and gig are being posted elsewhere by someone else (for 3 times the price, no less!), but I’m unsure of what I should do. I don’t want to get involved with dealing with a sketchy website by reporting it to them. Has anyone happened across this website or had something similar happen? Unfortunately I couldn’t find much about the copycat website on Google; it basically just looks like a low-quality Fiverr clone. Thanks for any input!

I found that site but it appears to be connected to a university in the U.K.
I didn’t look at the site but it does not look like what you are describing, it looks like a site that is strictly for UK university students.

It happen to me with my whiteboard gig about a year ago. I did two things (1) filed a complaint with the host of the site and (2) filed a complaint with google. About 4 or 6 weeks later, the site was gone. Not sure if my report was the cause since I never got any feedback, but the fact the site was gone was good enough for me.

Oh my goodness! Looked up the site you mentioned, I recognized about every gig listed. They just take pictures and charge more, and it looks like an exact copycat.

I can’t share the link but I attached a screenshot of a “paperwork support” gig that stole one of my gig photos :stuck_out_tongue:

I just found a seller on Fiverr with my exact gig description for my proofreading gig! She copied it word for word, the only difference is her SEO experience is 1 year less because I updated it recently.

Can I report her? She’s very new, so I know there’s no competition but it’s obviously a violation of ToS.

I feel left out. I haven’t seen anyone steal my gigs? Am I not looking hard enough? Maybe my gigs are just not good enough?

Too many people stole my old cover photos :slight_smile:

Sheriff’s Note: Images removed. A bit too close to advertising for this forum category.

I’ve Googled the description of some of my gigs, and got results from a couple of sites. It was pretty funny, really, saying in the first sentence what I will do for $5, but the title stating $10 or $20 as the price. :smiley: When I tried to check out the gigs on these sites, copies of my gigs were already removed.

Reply to @kjblynx: Thanks for sharing your story. That’s unbelievable! I’d hope that most customers out there are discerning enough to order from a site that’s clearly much higher quality with legitimate reviews. It’s frustrating to think of someone else reselling your work for more though.

Reply to @steveeyes: Thanks for the feedback. I’ve just filed a “Scraper Report” with Google. Hopefully that will help! The copycat site is really awful quality, so I probably don’t need to worry about it much. It is annoying though!

Reply to @mhwoolz: that’s crazy! Could you and @steveeyes give a quick primer here for how we go about filing reports to Google? I’ve also found people copying my Gig. It’s infuriating…

Reply to @david388: This was my first time doing it, and to be honest I’m not totally sure if I did it right. I used something called the Google Scraper Report, which you can find if you search for it. It’s meant for sites that copy content from other sites and present it as their own. Basically you just provide the original URL and copied URL. It looks like it’s meant for the owner of the original website, but I hoped it would be alright to send it in myself. You can also use something called a DMCA takedown request to report copyright infringement. That seemed a little complicated to me, so I didn’t use it.

If you find something copied on Fiverr’s website, you can report it to Customer Support. I get the impression that they’re pretty good at looking into that when you file reports with them.

Reply to @misscrystal: I happened upon that site when trying to Google the copycat one as well. It looks like they have basically the same name. Maybe this copycat site was going to copy the university website and then decided to change gears and copy Fiverr after they had already picked a name.

Reply to @mhwoolz: thanks!

Also - just noticed this: Fiverr Gigs now have a “flag” button on the screen so we can easily click for profiles that are fraudulent / copycats / etc.

Reply to @david388: That looks useful. Thanks for posting this.

Reply to @sydneymorgan: That’s just how mine looks! They must have copied a lot of Fiverr’s gigs. I complained to the website host as well as to Google, so with any luck the site will be taken down. I’m not necessarily holding my breath though.

Reply to @mhwoolz: something could come of it, but I doubt they’re making much (if any) money. None of the gigs even have ratings and it’s an odd name to begin with. (plus, I think most everyone has heard of Fiverr at this point.)

Reply to @mhwoolz: Ih yea. Don’t worry about that. Everyone knows that thres is one Fiverr and everything else you can’t trust.

For TRS sake I would recommend you remove part of the name…

Reply to @lunabea: Do what you feel should be done.

Reply to @lunabea: there’s a flag in the top right corner of the gig page next to the favorites button. Click it if you wish to report her. I’ve reported gigs before, though, that were exact copies (text, images, extras, and even turnaround time when mine is super-long!) and Fiverr only ever says that they can’t give you any details as per their privacy policy. Since nothing is ever done, I’m assuming they don’t follow up :slight_smile:

Alternatively, you can message her and call her out. This has worked for me before, better than reporting actually. Just make sure to politely say what can be done (account suspension, gig removal, etc.).