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Fiverr copyright 101 - need clarification!


Fiverr powers that be, please enlighten me!

I seek thine wisdom in this crucial matter,

please don’t leave me hanging,

otherwise I will go mad as a hatter…

OK poetry aside, Fiverr got me thinking, A LOT about doing a gig. I am an entrepreneur and (eventually as an add-on to my gig that I wish to create and market -once I get there) I would like to sell a physical book to buyers. The question begs though, regardless of my content that I will have striven to create, (sorry I’m not giving away my idea here) the TOS seems to indicate that I would be assigning ALL copyrights to the end user. Is that correct? Would I lose all rights (intellectual etc) in this process meaning I cannot claim any further ownership to my item I wish to produce in the end, be it physical or digital?

The truth is what I seek… enlighten me, please give me a peek!




To which I would point out the whole cloak and dagger nonsense about an “idea” (which cannot be protected) shows me you’re new to the game.

If you’re not being ripped off in several places, Eros, you’re not producing value :slight_smile: