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Fiverr Cost Converter, a tool for non USD sellers!

For those that are living with non USD currencies, it’s often a struggle to calculate how much money you actually earn. It becomes even more challenging when you have an estimate amount (of your currency) you want to earn from a project, but need to also calculate how much Fiverr will charge you and then convert that to USD to give a reasonable quote to your buyer.

Facing these frustrating senarios everyday myself, I decided to put together a simple user-friendly tool that calculates these things for you in just a few clicks. The tool is made using google sheets, it lists all currencies and updates realtime (read Google disclaimer on that)!

Have a look and if you have any comments/suggestions feel free to share!

Note: If you find this useful and want to have your own private link (or just want to show your support), you can find the respective gig in my profile.



props for this mate. this couldn’t have come at a better time. i will probably make a derivative version of it in excel for my own (offline) use, but for now this is a huge help.

thanks again

my major campaign is running today, if you order today get more 300 likes.

+tashows GREAT WORK! Really useful tool!

And kudos for being a seller who does not sell templates but tries hard to produce original work.

Now if you could only produce audio jingles, that would be awesome! :slight_smile:

The thread was flagged and reviewed. I am bumping this to get more opinions on the tool :slight_smile:

Reply to @xqggqx: I am glad you find this helpful. Keep in mind it won’t work in microsoft excell, because it uses google formulas to calculate the currencies and be up to date at any time. I don’t know if there is a plug in for microsoft office to give you currency capabilities though, that would work… And of course you could always hard-code a specific currency rate that suits your case.


Reply to @frank_d: Kudos to you frank for so smartly adapting to the videohive trend, offering to edit templates! Nice!
Shoot me up a message if you need something specific for an audio jingle and maybe we can work something out. I can do much more than what I offer in my gigs :slight_smile: