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Fiverr Cost Converter - MUST HAVE TOOL for non-USD sellers!

For those that are living with non USD currencies, it’s often a struggle to calculate how much money you actually earn. It becomes even more challenging when you have an estimate amount (of your currency) you want to earn from a project, but need to also calculate how much Fiverr will charge you and then convert that to USD to give a reasonable quote to your buyer.

Facing these frustrating senarios everyday myself, I decided to put together a handy user-friendly tool that calculates these things for you in just a few clicks.

The tool is made using google sheets, it lists all currencies and updates realtime (read Google disclaimer on that)! You can contact me if you need more info!

Or go to

Or you can go to and type in “5 USD in GBP” (swap out GBP for your currency code) and boom, converted. Taking 20% off isn’t that difficult…is it?

hieee can you tell me how can i withdraw money from fiverr by using pay pal…

If you ask me, no, it isn’t. However when you want to calculate how much you want to earn (for example) in euros, but are not sure how much you should charge in a gig for that amount, it can get (just a bit more) tricky.

You can always do the convertions on your own each time, but since I am all about efficiency, I prefer not to repeat the same tasks, when I can have it done in literally a few clicks! :slight_smile:

You can get more info for paypal in the following links: