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Fiverr "could associate" my facebook account


Please help. I’m trying to link my Facebook account to Fiverr. I already successfully linked my Google and LinkedIn accounts, but when I click the link to link my Facebook account, Fiverr eventually shows me a message in a red bar at the top of the page that says, “We couldn’t associate the Facebook account.”

I also tried logging out of my Facebook account so that I would be prompted to login when I clicked the link on Fiverr, to see if this worked. I was prompted to login to Facebook, but then same thing - eventually the red bar with the message. I say “eventually” because it doesn’t even show up until I click to go to another page.

Some background - my Facebook email address was different than my Fiverr email address, and I encountered this problem. I updated my Facebook email address to match my Fiverr email address and still encountered the problem. I tried logging out and back in on Facebook, etc.


Try using a different browser altogether. Chrome/IE/Firefox/Opera/nutella


So far I’ve tried it in Chrome (first), Firefox and IE. It works in none of them.