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Fiverr Course Accreditation

One of Fiverr’s shills on Youtube said that if I took a Fiverr course and completed it, which I did, that accreditation would show up on my gig profile. Well, I did and IT did not. Any help here?

Suggest you wait a couple of days and if it doesn’t show contact Customer Support.


Consider this new program I just stumbled on:

“Tommy Jones’ Coffee Drinking For Fiverrians”

In just three simple steps, I will have you drinking coffee, completing orders in double the time and make your bathroom trips quick and effect.

The course includes such crowd favorites as:
Minimizing your work time
Typing through the jitters
Knowing the difference between real rage and caffeine anger
Safely setting the coffee pot at your computer
Taking your aggression from passive to "I’ll come through this screen and bludgeon you with with a child’s action figure…

But wait… That’s not all!

If you purchase in the next 30 minutes, we’ll also throw in the classic book that Barnes and Noble called, “Some weird fever dream written by the love child of Billy Mays and Hunter S Thompson…”

Yes, it’s “Scream at Customers and Get the Sale.”

You’ll learn all the foundation techniques to take your sales from super low to Superman.
The customer isn’t right until they’re a customer
Customer service takes phone calls, I take cash
Revisions? How 'bout revise your dumb request.

It’s all here with this amazing offer. Our team is standing by, but DON’T WAIT! This deal will not last.

Amaze your friends. Shock your customers and show the world that closing is cool, but frightening people into closing is better.

Author’s note to mods: This post is satire. Satire is when you present obviously untrue information as fact but everyone is hip to the idea that it is false. This post is intended to entertain other community members - or at the least - break up the somber tone of most posters. Please don’t remove this post. There are totally donuts in it for you if you don’t. Do not discount my donuts mentioning. I’m very serious about donuts. Just not much else.