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Fiverr Course for Sellers [From New Seller to Top Rate Seller - Complete Guide]

I see many people starting on Fiverr in order to work from any location, earn a lot of money, be in that evergreen place… But as the most of you know, it’s not that reality.

Many, many, many sellers can’t even make it past the first $100 or Level 1.
And how far is Top Rated Seller?!

I’ve created an account on Fiverr 4 months ago. Knew nothing about it, how it is working, how can i get paid, revisions, literally nothing.

Spent A LOT of time studying everything while working on my orders, tried all the tricks and gimmicks, nearly everything that you can possibly imagine to rank my gigs or get more orders or make more expensive packages.

So like i said, February 2020 i made this account and really focused on studying on why most of the sellers are failing and how i can avoid the most common mistakes. And i think i got most of the keypoints on what to avoid and which strategies to use.

You’re probably thinking since you read the headline - “Who is this guy?”, “trying to sell me some scam course”, “let me see hes profile” etc etc.

I would be asking the same questions too if i was reading this too, i totally understand.

Till this moment after 4 months i am at around of $2500 in earnings.
I really want to prove that i really can provide a lot of value to new and old sellers trying to get to Top Rated Seller.

And i don’t want to be that guy that took 7 years to get the title, i want to do it in one year.
I want to get there and MAKE SURE that what i am providing is LEGIT.

So my question is, would you buy a course from someone who has gone from 0$ to $20000 in less than a year?


I wouldn’t, because I don’t buy advice that I can get for free in the forums if I’m willing to do the research.

Why did you original account get banned? Did you get permission to open a new account?


You will likely get warnings or banned again if you keep your 30 day service being delivered in 9 days.
As mentioned above, there’s plenty of advice available out there from people who have done the same and far better than what you have done so unless you can offer something really unique in your advice, there’s not much point in creating a new course.

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