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Fiverr credit cards

Hi, I asked for a Fiverr credit card 4 days ago and I do not know if it will be sent to me or when it will be shipped to me.?
Can help me

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where you have got fiverr credit card option … Fiverr is not giving any credit card…You can order payoneer master card referring by fiverr.And if you have already ordered payoneer card, you can track your card from your payoneer account. Check your payoneer account to see the card situation …


Are you sure fiverr giving credit cards?

I think you have miss understood the Payoneer Card as Fiver credit card.

With my experience, I contacted payoneer customer support with live chat, then they have ordered me credit card for free :yum:

Fiverr don’t afford any credit cards… Do they? :roll_eyes: