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Fiverr Credit Issue

Recently i checked my account and seeing that my Fiverr Credit is Minus 10.40$ ( -10.40$ ). why this is minus and why? anybody know?
Here is the screenshot

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One of your buyers must have canceled an order. If so, you should of gotten a notice. :thinking:

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I didn’t believe this option has from the seller end. :shushing_face:

I think you are correct. That is how my credit card looks when the credit card compny owes me :moneybag:

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I think once buyer canceled a order which you completed couple of days ago,

i don’t see any cancelled order

i don’t see any cancelled order.

can you withdraw money to your bank account?

if you can’t make withdraw on your bank you need to talk to fiverr customer support center

i can withdraw. but problem is minus credit

I think it’s a fiverr bug problem, please go to fiverr customer care support , & tell them your problem , I hope you will get a better solution

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yes. i contacted with them but yet no reply. btw, thank you :slight_smile:

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