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How do I pay for a gig using the credit on my account?

The amount that you want to spend has to be less than or equal to the credit you have.
It will deduct automatically when you click ‘Buy’ or ‘Order now’ button.

When you click “ORDER NOW” Button… you see paypal and card option for paying…

But what if I have a 5 dlls credit and I wanna buy a gig that’s 10 dlls… How does this work? Heeelp

How can you buy something for half of the price ?
$5 will buy something worth $5 not $10 8-|
If you mean you’re willing to spend $10 then you can talk to the seller and make 2 orders of $5.

no… i mean the gig is 10 dlls but I have 5 dlls in credit due… I wanna use that 5 dlls and they can charge me the reminding 5 dlls… of course

Reply to @rodrigotd: That can’t be done on Fiverr.

Reply to @fonthaunt: I think they just want to use the credit somehow. As I have suggested. They can order 2 X $5 gigs, one by one. One from the credit and other using another method after talking to the seller about the situation.
I have had some people use this method.